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Skillz is honored to release or new " Golden State" tees for all you hoop fans and those who witnessed a history making season with 73 wins and 402 three pointers made, wow!!! These high quality tees where hand created to be a proud addition to your shirt collection. They are super soft with bold vibrant inks that will not fade or peel, a soft hand touch that will keep you super cool in these summer months. These shirts will be produced in a limited number so get theme while they last at .

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        We are honored to offer as apart of our first release a shirt that honors a basketball legend, Darryl Dawkins, "Chocolate Thunder". He changed he way the game was played for all time. His goal shattering ways brought about break away rims and plexiglass backboards. His dunks, well lets just say they all had names as unique as Darryl himself.   So to those who are fans of  the dunk we honor "Chocolate Thunder", Darryl Dawkins with our legend series shirt and limited collectible signed patch. 

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        Ok, we like to honor players who have done something unique and significant. When we had the opportunity to honor Alvin Davis we knew he was the first inductee into the Mariners Hall of fame but what stats don't tell you is that he is the kind of man that you would start a franchise's hall of fame with.  Alvin was was also voted the American League's Rookie of the Year Award after batting .284 with 27 home runs and 116 RBIs in 1984. Given the nickname "Mr. Mariner" you understand that is not only his achievements but his...

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